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Don’t Waste Your Summer

Posted: May 5, 2011 by abestratton in Class Notes, Small Group Study Questions

Sunday’s (5/1/11) Discussion

1. How can we last in Christ through this summer?
2. What are your opportunities this summer (job, trips, vacations, etc)?
3. What are ways that we can exalt Christ and serve others in those opportunities?
4. How can you do this individually? (How can we keep each other accountable?)
5. How can we do this as a group (small group or youth group)?

Thoughts to guide discussion
1. Who are we? Children of God who are to live lives worthy of the Gospel – lives which have been transformed by the Good News of Jesus
2. Why are we here? To love God and love others. To make God and His Son big in our own eyes and in the eyes of others
3. What should guide us? The Word of God. It must be in our minds and hearts; without it we will go our own way.


(Read for 4/25/10)

Verses 16 and 17 are especially challenging, but we know that…

Study Questions

1. Sin is serious because it ultimately leads to what?

2. Because of this Christian brothers and sisters should do what for each other?

3. What is a sign that a person is truly a child of God?

Go Deeper

1. Who is the one who is from God and protects God’s children?

2. Why did Jesus come to earth? (v. 20)

3. Why does John close his letter by warning us to guard ourselves from idols?

Discussion/Application Questions

  1. What is God’s view of sin? So how should we view our sin and other believers’ sin?
  2. How should we act toward our own sin and toward others’ sin?
  3. How can you be an idolater?

(Read for 4/18/10)

Study Questions

1. What has been John’s purpose for writing this letter?

2. Who are the only ones who can know that they have eternal life?

3. What is a believer’s confident assurance before God?

Go Deeper

1. What do we learn about our God’s character from the fact that He wants His children to be assured that they are His?

2. If God hears us when we ask according to His will, then how do we know what is according to His will?

3. Why/on what basis does God hear us in whatever we ask? (not stated in this passage)

Discussion/Application Questions

1. John says in verse 15 that “we have the requests that we have asked of him.” Are there any boundaries/limits on God’s answers to our requests?

2. What are some things that children of God should ask Him for?

Read for 4/11/10

Study Questions

1. What is greater and more trustworthy than what men say? (v. 9)

2. What has God said about His Son? (See Mt. 3:17 and 1 John 5:11.)

3. What does John mean when he says that the person who believes in Jesus has God’s witness/testimony in himself?

Go Deeper

1. How do men accuse God of being a liar? (v. 10)

2. What is the gift God has given to men, and how has He given it to us? (v. 11)

3. If eternal life is a gift and it only comes through Jesus, what does that say about mankind?

Discussion/Application Questions

1. How can we accuse God of being a liar?

2. What are some truths that God has stated which you find it hard to believe?

3. Is it fair for God to “limit” eternal life only to those who have and believe on Jesus?

(Read for 4/4/10)

*This is a challenging section. Have fun! =)

Study Questions

1. What 2 big events in Jesus’ life does John refer to when he says that Jesus came by “water and blood”?

2. What was significant about the first event?

3. What was significant about the second? (lots of answers =)

Go Deeper

1. John says that the Holy Spirit is the one who testifies of these events. To whom is the Spirit testifying?

2. How does the Spirit testify of these events to us?

3. What is important about the Spirit being called “the truth”?

Discussion/Application Questions

1. Why is it important for us to talk about the events in these verses? How should our lives be changed?

2. What does this passage teach us about the importance of the Spirit’s work in our lives?

Study Questions

1. What will be the result when someone truly loves God?

2. How does John say that we can know we are loving others?

3. How is our love for God displayed?

Go Deeper

1. What does it mean that God’s commands are not burdensome? (See also Mt. 11:28-30.)

2. What does John mean when he says that God’s children overcome the world? How does that happen? (See also 1 Cor. 15:57.)

Discussion/Application Question

1. How can loving God and obeying His commands help us to know that we are loving others?

2. How can the knowledge that God’s commands are not “burdensome” change our view of God and living for Him?

3. Believing in Jesus gives us victory over the world. How does that impact what we should be living for?

Study Questions: I John 4:17-21

Posted: March 13, 2010 by bgodwin in I John Study

(Read for 3/14/10)

Study Questions

  1. How do believers have confidence when the day of judgment is coming?
  2. Verse 17 says that we are like him. How are we like Jesus?
  3. Verse 20 describes a person who says one thing, but his life shows something very different. What is this type of person?

Go Deeper

  1. John says that love and fear don’t go together. What would a fearful person be afraid of?
  2. What does v. 19 teach us about anything good that we do?

Discussion/Application Questions

  1. If love for God should naturally flow into love for others, why does God give us a command to love each other?
  2. If our lives do not demonstrate love for others, what does that reveal about our view of God?
  3. How can love cast out fear in our lives?