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Return Trip: Saturday and Sunday

Posted: August 6, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

It was much quieter than the trip down. =) As we neared home, we sang for awhile. I love to sing with these teens; their energy grew as we sang, and I think it reflects their understanding of the Good News of Jesus and their joy in it.
We are grateful to be home after a long, intense, soul-impacting time away. May our God yield eternal fruit from this one-week experience; it is one more step in our journey of sanctification.


Day 6: Friday

Posted: August 5, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

The end is in sight. This morning we finished up several big jobs – touching up the “mile-long” fence, priming the shelter by the soccer field, and putting on the metal roof for the shelter. Have to admit it was a great relief to us, an encouragement to the Curlings, and a surprise to us all that we were able to finish all of the projects. Praise God for joy and strength, and good work, teens, to the end.
In the afternoon we went to the Gulf and enjoyed several hours at the beach. Supper on the way home at a great seafood place.
In the evening we had a late-nighter (1 am): a run to Walmart, games together, and then story time with Juan to wind down. A great way to finish out a great week!

Day 5: Thursday

Posted: August 3, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

I call this “the day of the dreaded fence.” You might be able to tell in the pictures how long this fence was. After installing it several days ago, we attacked it to scrub off the rust and paint it a nice black. Looks fantastic! It was a looooong, hot day, but the teens were troupers. In the end, the fence didn’t stand a chance.
Finished VBS today, and there was some good contact between Redeemer people and the parents of VBS children. We are glad to have served Redeemer and their community in this way this week.

Day 4: Wednesday

Posted: August 2, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

A different day today. We slept in a little and then went to the flea market nearby. It was a unique experience – a sensory assault of sounds, sights, and smells. I’ll have to say the experience was overwhelming for me; I know some people thrive on atmospheres like that, and some of our teens did. They returned with some interesting souvenirs – parents be warned. =)
In the afternoon we continued our VBS and some work out at the new school property.
After supper we enjoyed Wednesday evening fellowship, singing, and testifying with the Redeemer Bible Church family. It was an encouraging time to hear what God is doing in our brothers and sisters in a very different place. We also heard a “rescue story” from Rachel Curling (Juan’s wife), and God used her transparency as she shared about her own struggles and God’s faithful grace.
The final part of the evening was going out for Raspas – Texan sno cones. They have some incredible flavors, and the teens needed a fun, emotional outlet. Went to bed early in preparation for a big work day on Thursday.

Day 3: Tuesday

Posted: August 1, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

Worked on a number of the same things today as yesterday. Landscaping and sprucing up the school/church property in the morning while some of the team went out to the new school property to continue erecting the fence.
In the afternoon we worked with a bunch of kids again for VBS. Our teens have done a great job, and some of the VBS leaders have commented on their joyful energy!

Day 2: Monday

Posted: July 30, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

2 teams split in the morning. 1 prepared the church/school grounds for the afternoon VBS – doing yard and landscaping work and getting crafts ready. The other team went to the new school property to work on a fence.
In the afternoon most of us were involved in VBS – games, crafts, snacks, songs, and a skit.
A few of our team went back out to the new school property to continue working on the fence.
It was a long, hot, fun-filled day!

Day 1: Sunday

Posted: July 30, 2012 by abestratton in 2012 Mission Trip

Worship with Redeemer Bible Church in the morning. Sang “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”. Listened to Chago teaching on shepherding hearts.
Spent the afternoon relaxing, playing games, napping, and preparing for the coming week.
In the evening we canvassed some nearby neighborhoods to let them know about Redeemer’s VBS this week.