The Dude’s Guide to Manhood

Posted: September 19, 2014 by abestratton in Books, Resources

I’ve referred to this book before on this blog, but I just finished it and had to recommend it more fully.
This is one of the most inspiring and uplifting books on manhood I have read. Patrick writes with a simple style accessible enough for teens and yet with an applicability expansive enough for seniors. It is a challenge for men to rise to their God-given potential. It is a realistic view of the barriers which men face. It is a Gospel-rich, hope-filled source of encouragement for men to carry on in the war which we are fighting. It seems that there are quotable lines in every chapter. But chapter 11 on the Heroic Man is worth the price of the book. It focuses on Jesus as the perfect Man – the Man who fulfilled all righteousness in our place and who makes it possible for us to pursue true manhood. This is a great book to work through in small groups of teens, discipleship groups, or even with Elders. I definitely plan to revisit it with my own son and with others.
Patrick focuses on a different quality of manhood in each chapter, and the chapter titles and table of contents are very clear in communicating the direction of the book. I reproduce the Table of Contents here as the best way of summarizing the book.

Get it done: Become a determined man.
Pay attention and learn something: Become a coachable man.
Train, don’t just try: Become a disciplined man.
Love your work: Become a working man.
Get satisfaction: Become a content man.
Love a woman: Become a devoted man.
Love kids: Become a family man.
Say, “I love you, man”: The connected man
Feel something without crying at everything: The emotional man
Find the right arena: The fighting man
Get what you want: The heroic man
Living as the forgiven man



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