Two Approaches to Christian Parenting

Posted: September 3, 2014 by abestratton in Parents, Resources

Here is some helpful and convicting parenting insight from counselor, Jon Hagen. Jon is a personal friend, and he is a parent who is walking through the same struggles as many of us. I love his transparency about his own parenting and his willingness to share Gospel hope with other parents (like me).

“Do you have regular, substantial conversations with your children? Is there an even-handed back-and-forth between you and your child? Are all topics related to life on the table and open for discussion? Do you “go there” with your kids? In these conversations, do you regularly share your own sin and life struggles with your children? Do they hear you asking them for forgiveness when you sin against them or against someone they care about? Are you sharing enough of your personal life with them that they can see the real you? Mostly, are you integrating your relationship with Christ into your conversations with them? If this kind of willing interaction is not typical of your parenting, but you wish more of it were, you might benefit by self-assessing your approach.”

Read the rest of Jon’s short post here. I dare you.


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