Texico Day 6: Thursday, July 24

Posted: July 25, 2014 by abestratton in 2014 Mission Trip

A long day!

This was our final work day, so there was much to finish up. We actually pushed supper back from 6:30 to 7:30 in order to accomplish all that we needed to before quitting time. There was a moving crew who transported tons of items from the old school property to the new property. There was a ceiling tile crew who were feverishly trying to finish installing all of the tiles in the new building. There was a landscaping crew which was trying to finish grading, transplanting, and planting. There was a final cleaning crew who was vacuuming and mopping the floors as we all exited the building. It was quite an endeavor, and our energy diminished as the day wore on. By the time we got to supper we were beat!

I talked with Juan at the end of the day and expressed some disappointment that we weren’t able to accomplish more for them, but he looked surprised and said that we had done more than he thought we would be able to. He commented on the fact that our team worked their hearts out, and I have to add my proud affirmation to that. I was excited and encouraged by how many of our teens poured out their energy and their heart in these projects.

One of the things which encouraged us and kept us going during the difficult hot hours was thankfulness. This was a theme which we reviewed several times in our morning Bible reading times in Colossians, and so I challenged all of our team to think of things they could be thankful for when they were tempted to be discouraged or complaining. A number took up the challenge and encouraged each other with thankfulness during the day. It was a joy to hear.

Wayne Ault led our team devotions tonight, and he reminded us of the foundational truths of the Gospel – Jesus came, He lived perfectly, He died as a substitute, He rose again, and He reigns on high. The exciting and very personal truth which Wayne encouraged us with was that all of these truths are ours if we are in Jesus – if we have believed in Him and are following Him. (1) We can live in confidence because Jesus’ perfect life is ours. (2) We don’t have to give in to sin anymore because Jesus crushed our sin in His death. (3) We have new life because Jesus rose again. (4) And we will reign with Him and be with Him forever.

I told the team before we came to Texas that I think this trip may very well be about more than our service to the Curlings and their church/school. I think this trip may very well be about God pursuing our own hearts and challenging us with what our lives are about. He has been pointing us to himself and away from the fleeting pleasures of earth this week, and for that I am very grateful!


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