Texico Day 5: Wednesday, July 23

Posted: July 25, 2014 by abestratton in 2014 Mission Trip

A tough day!

I have to say that Wednesday was for us like it is for many people – a challenging day. It’s right in the middle of the week. Our team was tired from several days in the sun and from the strenuous labor we’ve been doing. Energy was low at first, but things quickly picked up.

A group of us were doing some grading at the front entrance to the new school property to make it look as nice as possible, and while doing that work, we discovered a rat. Well, you can imagine the excitement, shrieks, and running which ensued. Several of the braver souls decided to try to catch the evasive rodent. I was impressed that the pest control agents actually remembered to wear gloves for their heroic attempt. I have to say that it was a hilarious sight watching a group of teens run around like a group of preschoolers playing soccer – huddled around the ball and completely oblivious to anything else. In the end the rat was caught, the rat was squeezed, the rat bit, a finger was hurt, and we needed a minor doctor’s visit.

However, we carried on with our work and accomplished a lot today.

Tonight was a highlight. We actually quit work mid-way through the afternoon so that we could come back to the old school property and get cleaned up. The Redeemer Bible Church family came together tonight for a fellowship supper and for some singing and sharing time afterwards. It was a great time for us to see true fellowship lived out in the lives of these people, to hear what God is doing in their hearts, to share what God is doing in us, and to sing praise to God. It was a wonderfully encouraging time, and it was very similar to Sunday. Many of us came into it physically tired and unprepared to speak of God and His works, but He used His truth and His people to point us all to Him. Praise God for sweet fellowship with other brothers and sisters even in far-away places!

Before bed we watched the newest Dispatches from the Front dvd. This was shown at our home church in SC on Sunday, so our team missed it. I really wanted our team to be able to see it, so I was glad to get a copy before we came down to Texas. The dvd gives a glimpse into the lives of some of our brothers and sisters in north Africa who are spreading the Good News of the Kingdom. It presents the stark contrast between fear and faith, and it is a heart-piercing challenge to our stereo-typical comfortable Christianity. We had a brief team discussion after watching the dvd, and it was apparent that God used it to challenge us and to make us think.

What steps am I taking to risk for Jesus? How am I stepping into my fears seeking to believe that Jesus will do mighty things through my feeble efforts?


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