Texico Day 4: Tuesday, July 22

Posted: July 25, 2014 by abestratton in 2014 Mission Trip

A hot day!

Well, every summer day here is hot, but today was slightly different. A group of us went out to Gerry’s ranch. Gerry is one of the men who attends Redeemer Bible Church. He and his family have been ranching in Texas for several generations, and driving onto his property was like entering a whole new world. We drove miles out into the dry Texas brush in order to dig up some particular trees for the new school property’s landscape. When Gerry’s foreman, Ben, got out of his big truck with a big hat, long-sleeved shirt, jeans, knee-high boots, a knife, and a handgun strapped to his waist, our shorts, t-shirts, and sandals made us feel like real gringos. Yeah, we’re city slickers from the east coast. Like I said, this was a whole different world.

Turns out that we weren’t successful in transplanting the trees, but our group had some great interaction with Gerry and Ben – hearing about his ranch and the joys and challenges that it brings. (Gerry texted me the next day with a picture of a rattler that he found near the place our group was on Wednesday. Gulp!)

The rest of our team continued the jobs which we were doing yesterday – painting and sprucing up the old school property, installing ceiling tiles and doing landscape on the new property, and taking lots of water breaks. =)

Tonight Josh Green led our group devotions. Josh has been down here partnering with the Curlings for several years. He’s got a big laugh, a mischievous smile, and a huge heart for people. Although he has his own day job this summer, he has spent a number of hours with our team, and the teens have thoroughly enjoyed him. He continued the theme of God’s glory tonight, and he shared that we glorify God when we get His grace. When we dive into God’s Word, when we talk to Him in prayer, and when we allow others to dig into our lives, we are receiving grace from God; and this exalts Him – it shows that He is big and beautiful. This was another sweet truth time for our team.


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