Texico Day 3: Monday , July 21

Posted: July 22, 2014 by abestratton in 2014 Mission Trip

A productive day!

Welcome to south Texas where the sun is blazing, the temperature is boiling (our forecast calls for temps close to or above 100 all week), the wind is blowing (thank the Lord), and the dust is swirling. It’s a hot and dry world.

We began our work in earnest today. After a brief tour of the new school property/building for MCA and hearing more details from Juan about God’s work to bring it to this point, we jumped into different projects. Some of us attacked “the jungle” – a mass of weeds as tall as 6 feet. Some of us worked on installing A/C duct work. Some of us spread and leveled dirt and pea gravel for landscaping and drainage. Some of us came back to the old school property to power wash siding, knock down a cinder block wall, move railroad ties, and the list goes on.

Thankfully our friends here in Texas know what we need and take good care of us. As the temperature rises, they force us to take regular water breaks (I can’t say that we’re too reluctant. =) and snack breaks. It’s amazing how draining the sun and heat can be, and yet I’m proud of how our team has jumped in to dirty, dusty, hot, and grueling work. They’ve worked hard, persevered, and done it joyfully (a good part of the time).

We closed our day with devotions with Juan. He followed up on Chago’s devotions from Sunday night by reminding us that to enjoy God is to glorify Him, and we will never really enjoy God unless we take time to enjoy Him. I’m grateful that we’re not just doing work this week. Juan even mentioned that the projects that we are doing are not the big deal; they’ll get finished at some point. But God’s work in each of us is the big deal. I’m grateful for the way that our hearts are being pointed to Jesus and His beauty this week!


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