Texico Day 2: Sunday, July 20

Posted: July 22, 2014 by abestratton in 2014 Mission Trip

A restful day!

We enjoyed an outstanding day of worship with the church family of Redeemer Bible Church of the Valley. In the morning service a small group of our team introduced a song to the church body which was new to some of them – Rejoice in the Lord. Juan Curling asked us to do this as a way of contributing to the overall theme of the morning – that God uses pain in our lives for His glory and our good.

I think I speak for a number of us on the team: I was tired and not ready to focus on God and to worship Him on Sunday morning. However, He used the Scriptures we heard and read and the songs which we sang to awaken our affections for Him. It was a joy to see many of our teens responding facially and physically to the truths which we were rehearsing to ourselves and to one another!

Chago Curling preached about God’s faithfulness to Joseph in the midst of temptation, and it was an encouraging reminder that God’s plans are far greater than we can see or even understand.

In the second session (the members’ meeting) Chago has been spending time talking about what it means to be a vital member of a church, and he talked about a number of the “one another” passages in the New Testament letters. He emphasized that being a part of a church body means that you don’t require others to reach out to you; you become a loving servant to them. We don’t demand that others “one another” us; we “one another” them.

After lunch we enjoyed a restful afternoon. Some slept; some played games; some sat and talked.

In the evening after supper we had a brief orientation meeting, and Juan shared how God has worked in amazing ways in his family and through the ministry of Macedonia Christian Academy to build lives and to make disciples. Just as the Israelites did thousands of years ago, it is immensely encouraging to recount the great works of God today.

We finished our evening with a time of devotions with Chago, and he pointed us to the glory of God – that God is made to look great and glorious when we love and pursue Him with all our hearts. This is a theme which Chago and Juan, their families, and the brothers and sisters of Redeemer speak often to each other – God is great; Jesus has done wonderful things for us; so let us love Him with all that we are!

We were grateful for the low-key day because we know the heavy lifting is coming. =)

  1. S. Borenstein says:

    Praying for everyone on the team. Asking for unity and humility as you serve the Curlings and MCA. Glad there was some rest and spiritual refreshment for the team on Sunday.

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