Texico Day 1: Saturday, July 19

Posted: July 20, 2014 by abestratton in 2014 Mission Trip

Texico: (1) The combination of two words (Texas and Mexico); (2) A term of endearment for our bi-annual mission trip to Donna, TX, on the border of Texas and Mexico

My desire is to give the parents of our teens who are on the Texico mission trip a daily glimpse into what we are doing. I hope these snapshots will be helpful for you as you pray for us, and I hope they’ll be fun insights into our lives this week.

Texico Day 1: Saturday, July 19

It was a crazy day!

Our team day started before 5 am as 2 of our teen guys and one of our sponsors headed to GSP airport to fly to Texas. They made it safely and without incident by mid-morning.

The second (and largest) wave of our team planned to meet at GSP at 2:30. But the typical (and not-so-typical) snags of travel began to build. On our way to the airport my family and I were hit by another driver. Praise God none of us was injured, but our van had to be towed. Thankfully several of our team members who were on the way to the airport as well were able to transport us and our luggage.

At the airport our group of 35 people (5 adults, 28 teens, and 2 children) had issues ranging from a forgotten ID to an almost-denied child’s ticket to a security snafu. But we arrived at our terminal on time, boarded our plane, and took off for Texas at 4:40 pm. We soon learned that our second flight in Houston was delayed by an hour. However, this allowed us all to eat supper in the airport and still board our second plane in good time. We arrived in Harlingen, TX, at 9 pm local time (10 pm ET). It took us another hour to get our luggage, fill up several vans, and drive to Macedonia Christian Academy where we will be serving for the week.

When we walked into MCA’s building and I saw Juan Curling for the first time, one of the first things he said to me was, “I’m not gonna lie; you look rough.” It was that kind of day. =)

By the time we fell into bed it was 11:30-12:00 local time (12:30-1:00 am ET), but I must say that I’m grateful for the opportunity to fly. A 7-hour trip this year took us 24 hours on a charter bus two years ago. So I think we’d still be driving. =)


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