The Gospel: Start with a Creator

Posted: May 22, 2014 by abestratton in Resources, Videos

As the following video interview with Richard Dawkins shows, our culture has many different views concerning God. Some believe that there is one; others don’t; others aren’t sure. Those who do believe in a transcendent being have many differing views concerning him.

So when a follower of Jesus begins to share the Gospel – the Good News – with someone in our modern world, we have to start with God. The Christian Bible states that there is an eternal and infinite Being; He has talked about himself (through the Bible) so that humans may know about Him; and He has told us that He made everything (Hebrews 11:3 and Revelation 4:11). Because He made everything, He owns everything. Because He owns everything, He has the right to tell His creation how it should function and His creatures how they should live.

This could cause great fear for humanity if this God was a ruthless dictator, but the Christian Bible states that God is good (Psalm 145:16 and Matthew 5:45).

It could cause great anxiety if this God was helpless to control things (e.g. nature) or finite in knowledge (i.e. didn’t know what was going on), but the Christian Bible states that God is all-powerful (Genesis 17:1 and Matthew 19:26) and all-wise (Psalm 147:5 and Romans 11:33).

Thus, God knows what is best for His creation, and He has the power and ability to bring it about.


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