Do I really care about other people?

Posted: January 9, 2014 by abestratton in Bible Reading Plan, Resources

Most of us would probably consider ourselves pretty nice people. We often do things for others; we try to be nice even to those who aren’t our best friends.
But what about our enemies? What about the people who really hate us and would harm us if they could?
Are those the types of people we are eager to serve or to help?
In the little book of Jonah we see a man who is consumed with his own comfort – a man who is dead-set against helping his enemies. In Jonah we see ourselves. We see that we really don’t want our enemies to be rescued; we really want them to be destroyed (because, after all, they would do the same to us).
But this ugly reflection of our own hearts has a stark contrast – the love of God for undeserving people. The book of Jonah shouts God’s love for the unlovely and the wretched. That’s good news when we realize that we are also unlovely and wretched. We are God’s enemies, and yet He has loved us. What mercy!
Here are questions for this week’s reading.


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