What’s life all about?

Posted: December 17, 2013 by abestratton in Bible Reading Plan, Resources

It is a question which has occupied men for centuries. Why are we here? How should we best use the limited time we have on this globe? What impact can I have on other people?
Answers to these questions can be as numerous and varied as the people who ask them. But in these chapters of Mark which we’ll read this week, Jesus makes life very simple. He boils down all of the laws and commandments which God had given to that point in history, and He summarized them in 2.
Love God with every part of your being.
Love others in the same way in which you already love yourself.

Simple, but not easy. In fact, impossible for any man or woman to obey perfectly all the time. That’s why we need Jesus – the only one who obeyed these 2 commands perfectly all the time. We need His obedience to be credited to us, and we need His perfect death to be the payment for our failure to obey perfectly. He is our hope, and He is the reason why we now strive to love God and love others even though we don’t do it perfectly.

Here are questions for this week’s reading in Mark 9-12.


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