Life Lesson 1 for Teens: Your Parents aren’t Perfect

Posted: July 18, 2012 by abestratton in Advice for the Young, Articles, Resources

Here’s one of the articles from counselor, Rick Thomas, regarding teens and parents.

Life Lesson 1 – If you can’t accept the fact your parents are not perfect, you will begin your adult life on the wrong foot and with a wrong attitude.

I think the first big lesson I learned as a teenager was my parents were not perfect. I’m not sure why it took me so long to learn this sorta-kinda-obvious lesson. I suppose the thing that convoluted the matter were my desires for a better life and their imperfection always colliding with each other.

The teen years went by so fast I never had time to reorient my thinking to the biblical reality of what was going on.[1] It wasn’t until I was nearly 20-years old before I pondered long enough about why I was so angry with my parents. Up until that time things were:

  1. Happening so fast.
  2. I was constantly being disappointed.
  3. My mind was cluttered with many conflicting thoughts.

But as the saying goes–this too will pass, and my teen years did pass and life began to settle down hard around me. Only then did I realize I couldn’t continue to blame the world or my parents for my problems. It was on me to figure it out.

A friend told me a long time ago your attitude will affect your altitude. As much as I despise bumper sticker quotes and even though this ditty is one of your more hokey sayings, it does make sense.

I was like the guy who was mad at another person and every time I thought about them I would take a sip of poison. The other person was oblivious to my pain and the only person getting hammered was me (Hebrews 12:15). It was a slow form of suicide. My bitterness was killing me.


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