Don’t Waste Your Summer

Posted: May 5, 2011 by abestratton in Class Notes, Small Group Study Questions

Sunday’s (5/1/11) Discussion

1. How can we last in Christ through this summer?
2. What are your opportunities this summer (job, trips, vacations, etc)?
3. What are ways that we can exalt Christ and serve others in those opportunities?
4. How can you do this individually? (How can we keep each other accountable?)
5. How can we do this as a group (small group or youth group)?

Thoughts to guide discussion
1. Who are we? Children of God who are to live lives worthy of the Gospel – lives which have been transformed by the Good News of Jesus
2. Why are we here? To love God and love others. To make God and His Son big in our own eyes and in the eyes of others
3. What should guide us? The Word of God. It must be in our minds and hearts; without it we will go our own way.


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