Study Questions: I John 4:17-21

Posted: March 13, 2010 by bgodwin in I John Study

(Read for 3/14/10)

Study Questions

  1. How do believers have confidence when the day of judgment is coming?
  2. Verse 17 says that we are like him. How are we like Jesus?
  3. Verse 20 describes a person who says one thing, but his life shows something very different. What is this type of person?

Go Deeper

  1. John says that love and fear don’t go together. What would a fearful person be afraid of?
  2. What does v. 19 teach us about anything good that we do?

Discussion/Application Questions

  1. If love for God should naturally flow into love for others, why does God give us a command to love each other?
  2. If our lives do not demonstrate love for others, what does that reveal about our view of God?
  3. How can love cast out fear in our lives?

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