Study Questions – I John 4:10-12

Posted: February 23, 2010 by bgodwin in I John Study, Small Group Study Questions

(Read for 2/28/10)

Study Questions

1. We know what true love is because of what?

2. John makes a strong statement in the first part of v. 10 about mankind without God. What does he say?

3. Do you remember what propitiation means? =)

4. So how is Jesus the propitiation for sins?

Go Deeper

1. What is the God-worked result in our lives when we see God’s love for sinful people like us? (v. 11)

2. In the middle of talking about love, John says that “no one has ever seen God.” Why does he say that? (Hint: the second part of v. 12)

Discussion/Application Questions

1. Talk/think about how ways in which God has shown His love to us.

2. How can people know what God’s love is like?

3. Why should God’s love for us be life-transforming?

4. In what every-day ways can your life be changed by understanding God’s love for you?


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