Study Questions: I John 4.1-6

Posted: February 10, 2010 by bgodwin in I John Study, Small Group Study Questions

Read for 2/14/10

Study Questions

1. How do you know that the Spirit of God is at work in a person’s life? (v. 2)

2. What does verse 3 say about those who do not have the same view of Jesus as the Bible?

3. So what does verse 1 say we are to do when listening to different influences/people?

Go Deeper

1. Why are we to “test the spirits” or be discerning about the influences in our life? (Hint: who are we?)

2. What do people who are not “from God” talk about and listen to? (Refer back to 2:15-17.)

3. Verse 4 says that we “have overcome” the world. How has this happened?

Discussion Application Questions

1. How do the “spirits” of the world speak into our lives?

2. How are we able to discern between Godly influences and influences from the world?


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