Study Questions for 1 John 3:11-15

Posted: December 31, 2009 by abestratton in I John Study, Small Group Study Questions

Study Questions
1. In these verses what is the sign of a child of God (one who has passed from death to life)?

2. Who is contrasted with children of God?

3. How is this person described in verse 12?

Go Deeper
1. Why did Cain hate his brother so much and kill him?

2. So why does the world hate God’s children?

3. What other set of opposites does John use to show why the world hates God’s children? (Hint: John 3:19; 1 John 2:8-10)

Discussion/Application Questions
1. Why is John making such a big deal about loving our brothers/sisters in Christ? Why is that so important?

2. Why does John say that people who hate are murderers?

3. The world hates God’s children because their lives are godly. List one way that you could live godly which might make you stick out in the world.


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