Study Questions – I John 3.4-6

Posted: December 1, 2009 by bgodwin in I John Study, Small Group Study Questions

Download the Study Questions

These questions will be discussed during Small Groups at Sunday School this Sunday (12/6/09).


Study Questions

1. Review: In the first 3 verses of this chapter, John pointed out that believers are what kind of people?

2. Why did Jesus come to this earth?

3. So God’s children will not do what?

Go Deeper

1. John says that “sin is lawlessness” – sin is living without law. Whose law is he talking about?

2. So sin is not merely doing bad things. It is failure to do what?

3. Because there was no sin in Jesus, what does that tell us about His relationship to God’s law?

Discussion/Application Questions

1. What are some ways in which you fail to keep God’s law?

2. How can/should the absence of sin in Jesus and His perfect obedience to God’s law impact you?

3. So why does it matter if we sin or not?


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