Study Questions — I John 3.1-3

Posted: November 24, 2009 by bgodwin in I John Study

These are the Study Questions for I John 3.1-3, which is part of the passage that Brent will be teaching from this Sunday (11/29).

Download the Study Questions (.doc)

Here are the Study Questions typed out:

Study Questions

1. How is God described?

2. What makes the love that He has given to us so amazing?

3. What is the world’s relationship to God?

4. So what is the world’s relationship to His children?

Go Deeper

1. What will happen to God’s children when they see Him?

2. How should confidence in that future event affect the lives of God’s children now? (v. 3)

Discussion/Application Questions

1. If the world doesn’t know God or His children, what does that say about our relationship to the world?

2. How do we purify ourselves as Jesus is pure?

3. “We shall be like Him, because we shall see Him as He is.” So how does change take place in us now?


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