Study Questions for I John 2.26-27

Posted: November 12, 2009 by bgodwin in I John Study

Download the Study Questions.

Here are the questions, in case you can’t download them:

Study Questions

  1. Why is John writing to believers about people who are against Jesus? (v. 26)
  2. But what has Jesus given to believers?
  3. List 3 ways that John describes this anointing.

Go Deeper

  1. What is the “anointing” that Jesus has given to believers? (Hint: John 14:17, 26 and 15:26)
  2. What else does John say is to “abide” or remain in believers? (Hint: Review I John 1:10 and 2:14)
  3. So God teaches believers through what 2 means (from this passage)?

Discussion/Application Questions

Since John says that Jesus has given us His anointing and that anointing teaches us…

  1. What kinds of things would we be taught through/from that anointing?
  2. What does John mean when he says that the anointing teaches believers about everything and they need no one to teach them?

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