Study Questions – I John 2.24-25

Posted: November 4, 2009 by bgodwin in I John Study

Click here to download the Study Questions.

For those of you who are “locked down,” here are the questions typed out:

Study Questions

  1. What had the believers heard from the beginning of their Christian walk (hint: review 2:7-11)?
  2. So what is John saying should characterize believers’ lives?
  3. If we love one each other, what does that show about our relationship with God?

Go Deeper

  1. What word is repeated 3 times in these two verses (2:24-25)?
  2. What does that word mean?
  3. So when God promises eternal life in verse 25, to whom does He promise that?

Discussion/Application Questions

(John points out 2 aspects of abiding — that (a) God’s words abide in us and (b) we abide in Him.)

  1. Discuss how we allow God’s words to abide in us and…
  2. How we abide in Him.

In other words, what does this actually look like in your life?


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