Study Questions – I John 2.12-14

Posted: October 6, 2009 by bgodwin in I John Study

Here are the study questions for Small Group discussion over I John 2.12-14. These will be discussed this coming Sunday (10/11/09).

Download the Study Questions.

For those who may have issues downloading the document above, here are the questions below:

Study Questions for I John 2.10-12

Verses 12-14 seem to be a little parenthesis in John’s thoughts in chapter 2, but they are very important.

Study Questions

1. What does John remind his readers has happened to them? (verse 12)
2. List at least 2 things that John says about God. (I.e. what does he call God?)

Go Deeper

1. What word is repeated 3 times in these verses? (Hint: it’s one of John’s favorite words in this book.)

2. Why is it significant that John repeats this word?

3. Why are the “young men” strong, and how have they overcome the wicked one? (verse 14)

Application Questions

1. What is John’s purpose for inserting these statements of who God is and of who the readers are in God?

2. Why is it important to remind ourselves of who God is and who we are in Him?

Think about some of those truths and their impact on you.


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